Oceana – Raising awareness through a Marine Center

Oceana - Raising awareness through a Marine Center | أوشيانا - رفع مستوى الوعي من خلال مركز بحري

Architecture Competition: Oceana – Raising awareness through a Marine Center

The oceans have the potential to support material progress on a large scale, and so, the exploration, understanding, and conservation of this system are essential for our survival.

Brief: The challenge is to design an ocean research center in the marine habitat. 

It will be an institutional center for studying endangered marine life and promoting biodiversity. The entire construction must be done on or underwater. Part of the center that will be underwater, must be anchored to the sea bed. The construction must not negatively impact marine life or coral reefs in the area.

The aim is to design an institute that can help us understand the marine ecosystem better, by observing them in their native habitats. The intention is to make people aware of the struggles faced by this ecosystem due to the human way of life. The institute will be open to the public for certain periods, to increase awareness.


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