Re-Loft – Reimagining the concepts of loft

Re-Loft - Reimagining the concepts of loft | Re-Loft - إعادة تصور مفاهيم الدور العلوي

Architecture Competition: Re-Loft – Reimagining the concepts of loft

Home sweet home

“The home should be the treasure chest of living” — Le Corbusier

The home had always held the most special place in everyone’s hearts. Big or small, new or old. Home is always home. There are myriad ways we can explain and express how much our home means to us. But the feeling is always the same; peaceful.

We had been deriving and living in homes since the early concept of civilization was devised. The time when we as humans learned what a refuge really was.

Ever since then the concept of home, the spaces have changed considerably with time. As the refuge which we considered as a safe place has now extended beyond its primary function of giving shelter and protecting us. It is now equipped with comfort and all the needs that we have. It is a ‘Safe Haven’.

And as much as the people living in it make it special, the spaces also make a home.

Brief of the Competition

As with the changing times our needs have changed drastically and in order to fulfil these needs and also use the development of technology are by rethinking and completely reimagine these spaces.

One of the spaces that have a fixed imageability about them is lofts. The lofts that we have in our homes have a repetitive image and that of saturation, as it rarely gets looked upon through an innovative angle. Barring exceptions where people convert some rather spacious lofts into kids’ bedrooms, they are usually used for storage spaces or closed off due to roof leakages/other technicalities.

Brief: This challenge aims to reimagine the concept of lofts by completely changing its perception and design by challenging the imageability that it holds. 

This change of perception can be caused by breaking all the binding concepts and ideas regarding the loft. But by expanding and creating a kind of loft that expands our scope of thought.


Winner 6000$

Runner – Up – 1400$ x 6

People’s Choice – 600$ x 4

Honorable Mention – 600$ x 12

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