Picturing: Eco ruin – Focusing on the ‘wrong’ picture

Picturing: Eco ruin - Focusing on the 'wrong' picture | تصوير: الخراب البيئئ - التركيز على الصورة "الخاطئة"

Architecture Competition: Picturing: Eco ruin – Focusing on the ‘wrong’ picture

The world today is plagued with numerous issues that are overwhelming society into turning a blind eye to this endless sea of bad news. As the civilization faces political, social, religious, and economic adversities, the environmental challenges are burdening society to the point of shattering our own existence. 

Many words have been spoken, many activists have raised their voices to protest and defend the environment, but this struggle is in vain since collective effort is lacking. The awareness generated is sidelined by man’s desire for futile wealth, and this selfish attitude pushes us closer to doomsday. People need to take responsibility for their actions and assist in the fight for survival.

The objective of this challenge is to capture the world going into environmental ruin due to human behavior, in a picture story using not more than 8 images – along with a concept note. The aim is to turn heads of people towards issues like this, in a deep introspective manner. Use the ability of pictures to speak a thousand words to evoke self-awareness and emotions of regret and contemplation in the wider audiences.


Registration Deadline:  Monday, Nov 29, 2021
Submission Deadline: Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021

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