Shine portable wind turbine charges devices anywhere!

Designed for outdoor adventurers, the Shine is a compact, lightweight portable wind turbine that can fit inside a backpack.

From coastal exploration to mountain climbing, packing for an adventure is key, and so is the portable charger nowadays. But bulky power stations and unreliable power banks can be difficult to pack and carry heavy. Given that, Aurea Technologies has launched Shine Turbine. Shine is a compact, a lightweight wind turbine that generates kinetic energy to power handheld devices.

Who is Shine for?

Shine is for anyone who wants to charge their device without a power grid. Ideal for keeping electronics charged while backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, or remote working. The turbine easily collapses into the size of a 1000ml water bottle that fits comfortably inside a backpack. The 40W mini turbine weighs about 3 lbs (1.36 kg) and can directly charge mobile devices or store energy in the 12,000 mAh internal lithium-ion battery for later use. The flashing can also be pre-charged at home via a standard wall socket.

According to Aurea Technologies, the battery has enough capacity to charge four mobile phones to 100%. Therefore, it keeps multiple devices charged, or conserving power on the same device throughout your adventure.

Shine’s patent-pending high-efficiency blades and lightweight design allow it to produce 13.3 watts per pound. This is an impressive energy-to-weight ratio compared to other portable renewable products such as solar panels and hydro turbines. It is also very quiet during operation. Generating power in wind speeds of 8 to 28 mph and temperatures ranging from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aurea Technologies is a women-led team of adrenaline junkies and enthusiastic outdoor enthusiasts who understand the limitations of other portable power generators such as solar chargers.

“At this size, the efficiency of the solar panels is only about 5-10%, especially if the sun is not directly above the panel,” the company explains. “If there is a cloud, or at night, or if there is dust or dirt on the board, very little energy will be generated.”

To solve these problems, Aurea Technologies created Shine which is extremely fast in generating and storing electricity in a range of weather conditions thanks to its IP54 weatherproof rating. The flash can power appliances when it rains, and it can also withstand the buildup of sand, dirt, and dust. Shine starts in less than 2 minutes to create a wind generator to power your adventures. Charge phones, tablets, lights, cameras, and more with this small and adorable 40W turbine. Power equipment in real-time during the day or night, or quickly store energy for later use with Shine’s internal 12,000mAh Li-Ion battery.

“Access to off-grid renewable energy is essential because electronics often require more charging power than portable batteries can provide,” the startup explains. “Without a reliable power source, you can find yourself in vulnerable situations when the battery cannot be replenished.”

Shine is the first in a series of renewable energy devices by the startup. It provides freedom from the electrical grid. If you’re camping or climbing mountains, Shine is for you. It sets up in less than two minutes, giving you a wind generator to power every adventure.

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