Studio Drift’s EGO brings human emotions to life

EGO الغرور

EGO is concerned with man and his inner world. The kinetic sculpture depicts a person’s mental state, including their hopes, truths, and feelings.

Studio Drift and Opera2Day collaborated on the kinetic artwork EGO. The inaugural performance of the work took place in January at the Netherland Wilmink Theater in Enschede.

Studio Drift, founded by Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, creates interactive sculptures, performances, and art installations that explore the themes of man-made and natural environments.

To re-establish the relationship between humanity, wilderness, and technology, we offer a fusion of man-made materials and natural elements.

Moreover, EGO is a kinetic sculpture that depicts the human mind’s rigidity as it shifts from one perspective to another.

 Therefore, it reveals emotions and human dynamics such as a person’s worries, hopes, and feelings of loneliness.

Furthermore, a gigantic block controlled by motors and software is of more than 16 kilometers of hair-thin Japanese fluorocarbon lines woven on Studio Drift’s weaving loom.

Additionally, a distinct algorithm causes the block to change shape for each different emotional state. The choreography is made up of specific mental states portrayed by ten dancers and ten singers.

Through one of the oldest operas, L’Orfeo, EGO juxtaposes opera, performance art, and technology, reinterpreting choreography and music in a modern way. Moreover, Studio Drift offers a strong message about how an individual’s emotions affect the stiff human body through a live performance.

Finally, Studio drift’s works combine the power of technology with the silence of nature to create unique experiences.

Studio Drifts, like the “Materialism” sculptures, display the essence and invisible levels of life.


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