T-Cord Chair: inspired by Pringles hyperbolic paraboloid كرسي على شكل حرف T: مستوحى من برينجلز القطعي المكافئ

T-Cord Chair: inspired by Pringles hyperbolic paraboloid

A skillful welder brilliantly designing one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture in Germany. Roi B crafts a ‘T-Cord Chair’ from 56 tension cords and a 60mm steel pipe welded together with rounded pieces to create a warm organic feeling.

Harmoniously blending together his innate love for art and deep knowledge about metal led him to – seamlessly fabricate conceptual design objects by hand.

Moreover, Limited to 10 chairs – the vibrant green tension cords of this eclectic product is stretched by applying the famous principle of a hyperbolic paraboloid.

T-Cord Chair by Roi B
© Roi B

“I was inspired by Pringles to create a similar curve. This is why crunchy Pringles chips don’t crack with all the other ones stacked on top of it” says Roi B.

The iconic Pringles hyperbolic paraboloid form is more than just a geometrical statement.

In the geometry world – this shape is a quadratic and doubly-ruled surface that has exactly one axis of symmetry.

Also, Often referred to as saddles – its name is from the fact that the vertical cross-sections are parabolas. And horizontal cross-sections, on the other hand, are hyperbolas.

Moreover, Relatively easy to construct using a series of straight structural elements. This concept is widely exploited in structural design and architecture.

“I absolutely love blowing minds with a product that is undeniably high in quality and comfort” Roi B adds.

© Roi B


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