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Classic style for elegant bathrooms

Classic does not mean the old thing; it is the exact opposite, where the value of things is in their classic. This may apply to gastronomy, decoration, fashion or cinema, which endure over time without losing an iota of their original beauty. In this article, the bathrooms are the best proof of that, as they […]

The future of interior design

Experts around the world are struggling to determine where the world might be in fifty years, and the future can be difficult to predict. And we’ve compiled some of the factors that we believe will shape the inner world for years to come. Technology is set to play a huge role in the future of […]

Smooth corners and rounded walls make up a spa and wellness center in China

Smooth corners and rounded walls are used by E Studio to form a cave-like spa and wellness center in Shenzhen, China. Design Features Named Shuran Massage Commercial, this 110 square meter design features rounded walls dividing the functional program, which focuses solely on the needs of the guests inside.     Design contents The space […]

Chinese Design Awards 2022

Chinese Design Awards 2022 | جوائز التصميم الصيني 2022

Architecture Competition: Chinese Design Awards 2022 APR presents the Chinese Design Awards 2022. The awards are organized by APR- a leading body of architecture press in Global. We are also in partnership with The ARCHITIME RU, Archidust, HAW Magazine, ME Megazine, Arredativo Design Magazine, Building Indonesia Magazine, Interior World, Architecture Design Forum, Design Box, Intech, […]

Home design with light-filled interiors

Walker Workshop, Los Angeles, has designed a family home featuring light-filled interior in Los Angeles, California, United States. Design Features Set on a large plot facing the valley between Santa Monica and the Pacific Palisades, the house is named after Rustin Canyon. The project site is densely wooded and crowded with vegetation, including live oaks […]

Completion of BV Mehl’s house in Frankfurt

The architecture firm Ian Shaw Architekten in Frankfurt, has completed the BV Mehl building in Germany. Design shape The building consists of 2 intertwined and cantilevered cubes consisting of 2 single apartments, the building also includes 2 family apartments, and was named BV Mehl. Floor plans have been edited to maximize flexibility of use, by […]

Creating artificial islands and valleys for warehouse interior designs in Shenzhen

PMT Partners, a Chinese design firm, has created artificial islands and valleys for the interiors of a flagship store in Shenzhen, China. Design Features Named for TFD’s One Avenue Flagship Store, the 500 square meter space has been divided into two concepts, the ‘island’ and ‘bark house’ fixtures. Each covers an area of ​​tens of […]

SBID International Design Awards 2022

SBID International Design Awards 2022 | جوائز SBID الدولية للتصميم 2022

Architecture Competition: SBID International Design Awards 2022 The Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID) is back with its industry-acclaimed interior design awards for 2022. Set to champion the world’s most skilled and accomplished creative professionals as the UK’s home for interior design excellence, the SBID will celebrate another year of outstanding interior design solutions […]

Renovation of an old apartment with tons of gold and a spiral staircase

Renovation of an old apartment with tons of gold and a spiral staircase, The studio ” Raúl Sánchez Architects” in Spain has renovated an apartment dating back to the late 19th century. Where golden colors and patterns and a white central spiral staircase were used, in the Borne district of Barcelona, ​​Spain     Design […]

Tin Tin Experimental design for a dining space in Asia

Tin Tin Experimental design for a dining space in Asia, A couple envisioned a modern and ethnic dining space, as a restaurant and bar, as part of Le Corbusier’s majestically designed skyline. The design was embodied by a team from Delhi-based architecture firm Renesa Architecture Design Interiors. This experimental design of the city’s newest pan-Asian […]