The difference between interior design and decoration

It is a common general opinion that decoration and design are two things the same, with most people confusing interior design with decoration.

It is also believed that these two skills can be used interchangeably with each other, but this is not true.

Interior designers have studied many topics in greater depth than just an interior designer.

These two skills require a different kind of skill set.

Interior designers also have to deal with the architectural integrity of the building’s interiors, and also factor in rebuilding and changing the structure of the interiors if necessary.



This may require their knowledge of architecture as well, such as which walls can be removed and which cannot be removed from space, for the safety of the building.

Interior designers also have to create a living space that fits the lifestyle of their clients, also studying environmental psychology.

For example, one cannot design two or three levels of a house with stairs of all kinds when designing an old house, as it is difficult for elderly people to use stairs.


The difference between interior design and decoration
The difference between interior design and decoration


Interior design and what’s in it

Basically the interior design includes many projects related to each other for the sake of the interior space.

It is functional, efficient, and beautiful and fits the lifestyle of the people who live there.

Interior design also includes conceptual development or interior space design.

Which may include everything from woodworking design to windows to other small and large interior features.

It also includes coordination between the workforce and the client,

obtaining supplies at a reasonable cost, and supervising the project, and its final completion.

The interior designer must work with an interior designer,

or sometimes the designer is skill enough to decorate the space without hiring an interior designer.

In other words, we can say that interior decoration is just a part of interior design.


The difference between interior design and decoration
The difference between interior design and decoration


Types of interior design

There are different types of interior design; Residential design, commercial, exhibition, spatial design, global design, etc.

Interior design includes a functional and efficient design of the space,

as well as things like lighting, acoustics, temperature in interior spaces, lighting placement, etc.

The designer may need to be familiar with the codes to follow, for each type of design.

For example, safety codes are different for residential and commercial settings.

An interior designer is a person who is particularly skill at decorating and finishing interior spaces.


The difference between interior design and decoration
The difference between interior design and decoration


As they do not study the structural functions or design of the building, the designers deal with things like: what type of wallpaper to use, carpets, and curtains to use in a space.

In addition to what type of furniture to use for any type of interior space, color schemes, room themes, and furniture arrangement.

As well as the arrangement of the decorative elements, the type of lighting accessories that will be used.


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