The Saudi architect is on the rise towards the top

المعماري السعودي في صعود نحو القمة

There is no doubt that those familiar with the global architectural scene are currently looking with anticipation at Saudi Arabia and the projects that are being announced.

Even most of the architectural offices around the world and those with expertise in design allocated time and workspaces in order to complete designs and engineering studies about the projects, which are taking place in the middle of the Saudi desert,

The desert from which the oil wells exploded,

which was a main reason for the country’s renaissance, during two periods if we want to specify,

The first period is the period of the founding king and the eldest sons,

and the current period is the period of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Now Saudi Arabia has a new face and a sustainable renaissance that we notice through the constant news issued

by the largest and most ancient architects around the world, to work on developing this country,

Which is no longer dependent on oil as it was before,

but may have been affected by an intellectual boom that made the young government think

about how it can benefit from its resources and sustainability intensively.

A new era of architectural boom

It may be inaccurate for the public to notice this, but for example, if we look at the architectural boom caused by the 2022 FIFA World Cup,

We will see that the positive aspects are many, but the negative point may be that the architectural diversity was imported.

Here it is clearly shown that countries go to import architecture from abroad and contract with international consultants, in order to design their projects.

But will this be very successful in light of the search for sustainability and the preservation of local content, because the theory of local content contributes to the employment of a large number of local residents.

Hence, the flow of expenses to the people and the reduction of local unemployment for citizens, and this is the title of sustainability.


The Saudi architect is on the rise towards the top
The Saudi architect is on the rise towards the top


The architectural office of Ibrahim Joharji

In this context, we observed Saudi architecture and studied the most important architectural aspects.

A Saudi architect, who is referred to as an icon of contemporary Saudi architecture, caught our attention.

Interestingly, this architectural office is very popular outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this is very interesting

and calls for questions that create a distinctive and rich theme.

It is the architectural office of Ibrahim Joharji, an architectural office with a modern architectural imprint, founded in 2008 in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah,

which is famous for the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the qiblah of all Muslims.

This architect appeared through his participation in international architectural competitions,

and it is very rare to see Saudi architects participating in international architectural competitions, but this rich story is considered the real scene to reflect the mirror of architecture in Saudi Arabia.

The symbol of the natural image of the building of mirrors in Al-Ula was formed.

It is interesting how this Saudi architectural office.


The Saudi architect is on the rise towards the top
The Saudi architect is on the rise towards the top


What distinguishes Ibrahim Joharji’s office in architectural design is its ambition towards a distinguished line and the good relations it enjoys with international architectural and sustainability organizations.

As well as safety and building organizations, and the owner of the studio believes that he is ready to export architecture abroad, and not the other way around.

He says that in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia they can export architecture outside the borders of their country, and he believes that Saudi Arabia possesses these ingredients.

Saudi Arabia lives the World Cup experience every year

For example, he lives the experience of the World Cup every year, when more than 3 million people flock to Makkah at one time.

The transition from 0-3 million people during specific dates is an unfamiliar experience for many countries around the world.

The Saudi architects, especially the architects of Makkah, have a clear vision in executing projects in an excellent manner.

Ibrahim Joharji does not see any other elements that can establish or discover an engineering and architectural code for Hajj and hotels for housing pilgrims.

Architecture is a wide field, and hotel towers have spread in Makkah Al-Mukarramah,

regardless of whether these towers contain distinctive architectural designs.

The Saudi architect believes that it may contain solutions (horizontal plans),

more than architectural solutions, and that the excessive planning of safety made them more similar to each other.

He also explained that the architectural system used in Makkah Al-Mukarramah is not similar to any other city in the world.


The Saudi architect is on the rise towards the top
The Saudi architect is on the rise towards the top


Audacity in design

Boldness in design may be uncharacteristic of the conservative and traditional Arab environment, but now, according to the opinion of the young architect,

Data differed, and the customers became very demanding and they are working to meet their requirements.

The owner’s request may be a building with a special and unique architectural style.

The dream of every architect is to make the building flirt with your imagination and feelings. It is one of the characteristics of successful buildings,

and the Saudi studio guarantees a different experience for the buildings it designs and builds. It looks at the design in a different way.

The Saudi architectural consultant says that the architectural design on paper has become a past stage,

and that the customary design in the external space may not meet the requirements of the times.

This is the language spoken by the world’s architects and followed by Ibrahim Joharji’s studio in Saudi Arabia.


Finally, with regard to the studio’s plans, the question was:

Will Saudi architecture really be exported abroad?

And the answer was yes, of course, we did that,

and about the type of projects that the studio is working on, the chief Saudi architect explained to us,

They work in specific lines which are luxury palaces, airstrips and hotels,

in addition to sports buildings and ultra-luxury hotels.


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