The 24th edition of Volume Zero Competitions, which focuses on creating creative and sustainable Tree Houses Competition, is open to architects, designers, students, engineers, and inventors.

Concept and Inspiration

The goal of the competition is to establish a private haven in the middle of the natural world, a location that serves as a haven from the craziness of the city and a link between the participants and their ancestry. As the main home for two people, the Tree House should be a symbol of liberty, exploration, ingenuity, and peace. It is suggested that participants rediscover their early fantasies of tree houses and transform them into a contemporary, useful, and naturally integrated living area.

Opportunity and Context

The competition emphasizes the necessity for sustainable and well-integrated architecture that strengthens the relationship between humans and nature in light of the strain urban settings are under and the depletion of natural places. A symbol of sustainability, the Tree House should be suspended amid trees and blended into its natural surroundings, maximizing usable area within a low footprint through clever design.

Design Challenge

The challenge for the participants is to design a Tree House with a built-up space of no more than 300 square feet. Spaces for eating, cooking, sleeping, working, cleaning, and relaxing should all be included in the design, along with a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Protection from the elements, adaptability, and sustainability should all be prioritized. In order to improve comfort and safety, modern technology breakthroughs should be taken into account.

Site Selection

The location of the Tree House proposal is up to the contestants. Coastal regions, riverbanks, mountains, forests, cities, and even backyards are examples of potential locations. The chosen location should strengthen the link with nature and blend well with the design.


A total of USD 4,000 in prizes is up for grabs in this tournament. The winners are as follows:

  • First Prize: USD 2000 + Publication + Certificates
  • Second Prize: $1,200 USD plus publications and certificates
  • Third Place: USD 800 + Publication + Certificates
  • Ten Special Mentions: Diplomas

The Volume Zero Competitions website will host the winning submissions and honorable mentions, and numerous international architecture and design periodicals will cover them as well. A certificate of participation will be given to each participant.

Through creative and sustainable architectural design, participants are invited to investigate the relationship between humans and nature, building a Tree House that promotes both environmental and personal well-being.

Finally, find out more on ArchUp:

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