The center structure of a sports complex in Florida was designed by California architecture practice Brooks + Scarpa with a sloping concrete shell intended to “make a spectacle of rainfall”.

Concessions and offices for the nearby sports fields are housed in the 4,100-square-foot (380-square-meter) Field House at the Pompano Beach Youth Sports Complex. It also provides storage for the many facilities and signage for the sports complex.

The Field House is a glass structure with a board-formed concrete shell surrounding it. On the north elevation, the concrete shell creates a wrap-around porch with a yellow-painted metal lattice.

The external outdoor areas and the internal glass structure, which houses the offices and storage, are shielded by the concrete shell.

Furthermore, The shell, which has been called “playful and sculptural” by Brooks + Scarpa. It also slopes downward at certain places and has sizable openings developed between the ground links.

The shell’s roof gently slopes down to a central point, where gutters direct water into a nearby rain garden to take use of Pompano Beach’s abundant precipitation, which is located north of Fort Lauderdale.

Brooks + Scarpa stated, “The roof is sloped in a way to make a spectacle of rainfall from the scupper.”

“The rain cascades from the roof into a rain garden where the water is infiltrated back into the aquifer.”

Yellow paint is on the metal lattice at the north elevation.

It connects to the ground in an undulating design and is partially suspended, giving the porch area a curtain-like entrance.

From a distance, the complex appeared to be welcome thanks to little metal tabs attached to the lattice poles in the shape of the letters “YSC”.

Around the lattice is a concrete bench.

Inside, the porch overhang ceiling and a few of the internal structure’s facades carry the lattice’s yellow color.

Moreover, To offer some relief from the Florida heat, big blue fans are suspended from the porch’s ceiling. The porch area also gives a good view of the parking lot and the fields.

“A concession area and office space provide clear views of the fields and parking areas to create a safe space”.

“The design has highly durable and cost-efficient materials.”

The “low-impact” landscaping design capitalizes on the structure’s roof-mounted water collection system. This consists of circulation pathways that head out from the Field House and towards the other facilities on the site. Additionally, gardens with shrubs and rocks strewn among areas of grass.


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