Call for Participants: Periurban Park Confluence

Periurban Park Confluence ملتقى بيربان بارك

Call for Participants: Periurban Park Confluence

The Soutok project aims to establish and sustain the Soutok Periurban Park, which will ensure the coordinated economic, ecological, cultural, and social development of the region.

A landscape-urban plan for revitalizing the area around the junction of the Vltava and Berounka rivers (about 1300 ha) with expanded links and a focus on the landscape along the watercourses is the subject of the competition. The competition’s topic also includes a more thorough explanation of four sub-areas.

Step 0 is to register using the electronic tool Tenderarena (free, non-binding, but necessary)

Step 1: Sending a “Request for Participation” is the first step (basically a one-pager with references and filled-in forms)

Finally, Step 2: If the jury selected you, present the best design, and prevail in the competition.


Call for Participants: Periurban Park Confluence


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