Climate Change Conference and Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Change Conference and Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions,

Greenhouse gas emissions are emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is literally the same as that of a ‘glass garden’,

although for us this means anything but the feeling of a garden with sunlight and a glass façade.

As the greenhouse effect is the feeling of discomfort in a larger area with direct sunlight and a lot of partially or completely visible surroundings.

And not only that, but the feeling of too much moisture in the air and a non-standard space that is not meant to be a habitable place but only as a garden.

Because such rooms cannot be used for a longer period of time by people and feeling short of breath,

tension and other issues become clearly visible.


Climate Change Conference and Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


The Glasgow Climate Conference presented topics related to carbon dioxide emissions,

sustainability and climate change related to architecture.

He easily explained that greenhouse gas emissions influence global changes in climate as greenhouse gas emissions go into the air and atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas, but carbon dioxide is not the only gas.

Ozone, or O3, which is usually found in the stratosphere where it protects the Earth’s surface,

is also considered a greenhouse gas.

Climate Change Conference and Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

It is clear from the association with the submitted project on sustainable building design

that the impact of the architectural design must be determined according to the criteria.

Another link shows how important education is about recycling single-use plastic and what it means for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many examples of workspaces where rooms and spaces consist of more than 1/10 of the room’s perimeter and 14% of the room area with glass-fronted walls,

and this does not count as open windows.

It is preferable that the windows are 1/7 of the perimeter of the room,

and the façade walls and façade systems can be made with special glass panels in the new modern architecture.

Also, according to the standards, the open space should be at least 1/20 of the perimeter of the room,

mistakes are often made by companies that design different projects

and turn to projects and other companies change certain parts of the project during the construction of buildings on the site.

Air conditioning is used to change room conditions such as temperature, drying humidity,

use of refrigerant to reduce room temperature or heating for days when the temperature is lower and there is no heating,

whether installed or operating on certain days and heating seasons.


Climate Change Conference and Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Ventilation is also used in buildings and spaces with few or no window openings

while air conditioning is only a temporary replacement for the ventilation system.

Technical audit after the construction of the building, is essential for any use of the building,

it is one of the things that must be taken into account that if there are no windows for residential

and office buildings on the main facades while they are used during most periods of the day for example more than 3 to 4 hours per day,

Climate Change Conference and Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

then Always have ventilation and the ventilation system must be checked regularly while room conditions must be checked for air composition,

amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air and a comfortable feel in temperature or any dust in the air inside the rooms.

It is usually advised to ventilate any rooms or interior spaces by opening windows for at least 10 to 15 minutes per day.

It is not really understood whether this means partially open windows, diagonally, covered or completely.

Upon completion of a technical building audit,

the facades are checked for sufficient windows while standards are considered with the windows fully open.

Façade design for buildings with non-standard openings for windows and doors becomes a difficult task to verify.

The EU measures are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%,

and to increase energy efficiency by 20% mentioned in European energy policy targets.

Then the policy of toxic greenhouse gases that harm the ozone layer and the policy of measuring greenhouse gas emissions policies and reduction measures.

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