Goodyear reCharge: the tire for the mobility of the future

the mobility of the future إطار للتنقل في المستقبل

Future tires will be reloadable, biodegradable, and tailored to the driving style of the user.

A ground-breaking self-regenerating concept tire from Goodyear, the reCharge can adjust and transform to fulfill various mobility needs.

Mike Rytokoski, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Goodyear Europe, stated: “Goodyear wants the tire to be an even more powerful contributor to answering consumers’ specific mobility needs. It was with that ambition that we set out to create a concept tire ready for the future of personalized and convenient electric mobility.”

Moreover, the reCharge concept is based on three pillars: individualized, sustainable, and hassle-free. In fact, it contains a variety of novel features.

A reloadable and biodegradable tread compound that you can recharge with individual capsules is the foundation of the reCharge concept. This significantly streamlines the tire replacement process.

Goodyear’s reCharge innovation allows car tires to regenerate.

Goodyear reCharge: the tire for the mobility of the future

Furthermore, these capsules filled with a special liquid substance, enable the tread to renew and the tire to adjust over time to climatic conditions, road conditions, or just how you want to travel.

Artificial intelligence would enable the creation of a driver profile around which you can personalize the liquid chemical. Therefore, creating a compound blend specific to each individual.

Moreover, the composite would be created from a biological substance and strengthened with strands modeled after one of nature’s hardest substances, spider silk. This would make it completely biodegradable and incredibly durable.

Additionally, the process of replacing your tires with rechargeable capsules would be drastically simplified. And the tread would be supported by a lightweight, non-pneumatic frame with a tall and thin profile. This is a light, strong, low-maintenance construction that would do away with the need for puncture repairs or pressure maintenance.

Sebastien Fontaine, the Lead Designer at the Goodyear Innovation Centre in Luxembourg, stated that “The Goodyear reCharge is a concept tire without compromise, supporting personalized, sustainable, and hassle-free electric transportation.”

Goodyear reCharge: the tire for the mobility of the future


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