Integralis by Artemide: lights that sanitize your spaces

Integralis by Artemide Integralis بواسطة Artemide

The first cutting-edge line of indoor lighting to incorporate various disinfection techniques with a minimalistic look is Artemide’s Integralis.

Integralis is a cutting-edge light that seamlessly blends into the Artemide collections’ products and combines disinfecting effectiveness with bright performance and aesthetic attractiveness.

By comprehending human rhythms and demands, it also integrates itself into places and life’s moments.

Artemide App, a universally accessible digital interaction platform, controls Integralis.

The scientific, technological, and humanistic/social research of Artemide gave rise to Integralis.

Additionally, the collection is an initiative that links and unifies the visible and unseen spectral range in a creative way that can regenerate the space’s environmental qualities.

The light sources that, by simply shining them, can combat pathogenic germs in the environment.

Integralis by Artemide

The platform used by Artemide Integralis is flexible and open.

The formation and proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and mold are inhibited by specific visible light frequencies. Whereas dangerous microbes like viruses are affected by UV light.

Thanks to the intelligence it incorporates, the combination of various technologies and the gradation of the light emission spectra can increase the efficacy of the sanitizing action while operating in full compliance with people’s safety and without causing damage to the materials typically present in the room.

Moreover, Integralis uses a parametric technique that provides a factual and precise response. It operates on the principle of “dose”: the lights adjust the sanitizing action’s intensity by the rhythm of people’s presence and absence in the spaces, with the types of surroundings, and with the intervention’s goals.

Finally, by integrating the relationship between technologies, powers, times, and results, various disinfection methods can be used separately or combined.

Integralis by Artemide


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