Microblading salon with quiet and elegant interiors

Microblading salon with quiet and elegant interiors,

Spanish architecture practice Laura Ortín Arquitectura designed a Microblading salon in Spain.

Microblading is a permanent eyebrow makeup technique,

which is performed using tiny needles to fill in the desired areas with colour.

The salon is located in the heart of Murcia, Spain,

with an area of ​​100 square meters, and it was called Tinezzova Saloon.

The place serves as a shop and salon for microblading technology,

among other aesthetic services.

What is the Microblading technique?

Micro is a prefix derived from the ancient Greek meaning “small”,

and the word “blading” is derived from the English word “blade”,

and this procedure goes back to a traditional Japanese technique called “tibori”.


Microblading salon with quiet and elegant interiors


The owner of the salon, who is an expert in this technique,

decided to open a place serving this technique in the heart of Murcia.

Although the center has a wide range of aesthetic services,

it specializes in microblading, and this provides the project with some uniqueness.

The idea of ​​the design proposal came from the relationship between the use of places and the representation of the ideal of beauty,

as the love of beauty works to link function to form.

Since the pre-existing buildings did not provide any relevant architectural element or character,

the team of designers had to come up with the idea.

The proposal recreates aesthetics and designs with classic memories in contemporary spaces.

Fabric cut into curved walls, travertine countertops with irregular finishes, soft, light fabrics, and gold-tone furniture.

Design Features

The entrance is a large hall and an antechamber, crowned by two windows installed in the wall.

This space resembles the entrances to the Roman baths, which served as a filter between the external and internal area.

The use of both light and decoration is a prelude to entering the place and viewing it from the inside.

Lighting (dim) was taken care of to add a simple and comfortable atmosphere,

to allow space for sitting and relaxation, as well as to facilitate the work of professionals in comfortable and smooth ways.


Microblading salon with quiet and elegant interiors


The storage area and the kitchen are hidden within a slight slope with a large cupboard at the back.

The last point of the architectural journey has to be the most exciting,

like all classical architecture.

The last cabinet, designed for two people and the most private,

was a large “dome” atop stretchers that provided an ethereal atmosphere accompanied

by decorative pieces that seemed balanced on a rundown stone mantel.

Salon Tinezzova appeared with meticulous design, elegant, and above all poetic,

in care and aesthetics.


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