Why is architecture an art that continues to shape our world?

Many passionate architects have built exceptional, breathtaking, even incredible buildings, some of which have survived the centuries. Some architects have been known since the dawn of time and are considered artists in their own right. Yes, architecture is an art form. The art of designing and building the homes and monuments of our cities. And even if architectural constructions are made following empirical and scientific standards, they also respond to artistic concepts, classical or modern, in terms of form and space layout.


Architecture is more than just a discipline


Team of architects working on construction plans


As you can see, architecture is a very comprehensive field. It goes beyond a simple mastery of mathematics and the laws of physics. Indeed, it combines scientific reasoning and artistic instinct. One could even say that it is at the crossroads or oscillates between these two worlds. To study architecture, you must love the field and everything that goes with it. This includes primarily the social sciences and the arts. But you will also need to:


  • Have a passion for creative work;


  • Have a desire to discover the world of construction;


  • A love of the technical sciences of engineering and construction;


  • Have the desire to practice a multidisciplinary, pragmatic and artistic profession;


  • Enjoy responsibility and managing a team.


Architecture is a discipline that makes one a very cultured and passionate person, but in exchange it requires a lot of personal work. It is therefore necessary to have the will and the motivation to learn. In short, architecture is a passion and allows you to see the world in a different way. It is good to be aware of this before enrolling in a pre-preparatory architecture program.


It helps the student understand and discover the world

According to many architects, the profession they practice is the most beautiful in the world. There are several reasons behind this statement. First of all, it is important to know that architecture is a field that pushes human beings to surpass themselves. It teaches him to constantly push his limits and to achieve the impossible. It leads the architect to search, read and learn from other cultures in order to be inspired to create something original.


He discovers through this exercise other ways of life, other methods of construction… He uses different materials used in constructions. By the means of his trade, through his creations, the architect is in perpetual journey.


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Architecture is a pragmatic and artistic field

The knowledge and mastery of art are very important in architecture. The study of architecture is paved with TDs during which the student manipulates several objects. This may involve cutting them up, arranging them to make a model, etc. Design is also essential in architecture. An architecture student is required to make drawings of all types of buildings.


Architecture makes the student multifunctional

Studying architecture greatly develops the student’s sense of self-taught. Indeed, he will have to do a lot of research in order to carry out the class work. These practical exercises are often exercises in the design of an architectural project. In his research, he will use several references that will allow him to exploit and personalize the ideas of other recognized architects. Finally, the student must synthesize all this information to create a unique and viable project.


The student gains maturity throughout his or her apprenticeship. His or her intuition and ability to relate data from various sources will be greatly developed.


Architecture is a multidisciplinary field


Architecture is a multidisciplinary field


While architecture develops the student’s ability to learn, it also brings them into contact with other fields. This includes photography, video, drawing, communication, decoration, leadership, sculpture… Although it may not seem like it at first, architecture is a field that is entirely open to other disciplines.


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It allows the student to know the world of construction

Architecture is one of the key disciplines in construction and urban planning. Thus, in addition to being multidisciplinary, the student architect has a knowledge of the other fields of construction in which civil engineering is found. This will allow him to design and execute his own projects.

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