Designed by Dallows Gonzalez Architecton

Designed by Daluz Gonzalez Architekten in 2017, Casa Mi is a stunning two-storey villa on the right-hand side of Lake Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Designed by Dallows Gonzalez Architecton

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The apartment building on the right side of Lake Zurich stands out in particular because of its exposed location and its special spatial concept. The villa rises over the edge of the steep terrain from two bodies that have been moved to each other and at the same time fused together. The house contrasts with its perfect surroundings with subtle lines and shapes.

While jutting out from the lake are the panoramic windows of the southwest-facing residential floors, the house towards Quartierstrasse is somewhat introverted with its enclosed enclosure of lightly stained concrete.

In the interior of Casa Mi, proportional staircases generously connect the wide open spaces. In this way, the stunning Alpine landscapes can be viewed in the best possible way from almost every angle. Each area of ​​the house reveals a new perspective on the lake and allows for maximum privacy without the architecture offering clear separation from the surroundings. The open design of the interiors allows the incorporation of the surrounding nature: due to its location on the edge of the property, the outdoor pool looks like an extension of the lake.

The interior is designed so that the rooms flow dynamically with each other and makes the total depth of 23 meters tangible. Although the levels differ distinctly in their functions, the areas are fused with each other.

Upon entering the property through the north entrance area, the view is initially directed towards the grand sized staircase. From one side, it leads to the living area on the ground floor, behind which there is a wonderful view of Lake Zurich. On the other side, you access the cooking area which extends on wide steps to the living and dining room.

Photo courtesy of Daluz Gonzalez Architekten

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