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Architecture making the city

Architecture making the city Architecture made by the city, the city made by architecture Aldo [...]

Architectural design and construction

Architectural design and construction around the universe I got off the train station, got into [...]

Forest Airy Signum Design

Forest Airy Signum Design Forest Aerie is a beautiful retreat located in Saint Helena, California, [...]


IQ-77-SL by IKOSA IQ-77-SL is a luxury penthouse located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed in 2021 [...]

Awakens by Syngum Architecture

Awakens by Syngum Architecture Horizons is a contemporary retreat located in Petaluma, California, designed in [...]

Kifisia Project BLOCK 722

Kifisia Project BLOCK 722 Project Kifisia 12 by Team BLOCK72 Kifisia Project12 is a luxury [...]

Five spectacular architectural projects of 2021

The plans are ready, the building lot is available. All that’s left to do is [...]