Villa Clea – a revolutionary artist residency in Milan

A beautiful property, Villa Clea, can be seen in the picture above. This magnificent residence serves as a visual feast for the eyes. Matteo Corbellini dreamed up Villa Clea, an area composed of three distinct yet connected portions. As a place where artists and art enthusiasts can come together, it is an association devoted to art by Matteo Corbellini and Allina (Alessandra Pelizzari Corbellini). It is an inviting space to come together and share ideas. The house, once a former workshop, has been transformed into a residence and art space that is open to the public. It offers a tranquil environment for making connections and creating a unique sensory atmosphere.

A magnificent home, Villa Clea, stands out with its beauty. This impressive structure is sure to catch the eye with its grandeur. In the Scalo Romana area of Milan, this singular architectural creation has been seamlessly integrated into the space that was previously occupied by a workshop. The home is ever-evolving, morphing from a place for dwelling and employment to one of communalism and culture, all made possible by the integration of both commercial and non-commercial endeavors.

A house known as Villa Clea can be found in a certain location. It is a beautiful home with stunning architecture. Matteo and Allina offer short residencies to international, multidisciplinary artists so they can work together on the production of an exhibition or a private showing. I created the Luna aluminum furniture collection to reflect the varying lifestyles and creative works that occur at Villa Clea. The architecture, furnishings, and layout of the house have been designed to create a sense of fluidity that allows for the diversity of artistic and human forms that are present in the home, according to Allina.

The first event asked New York-based artist Andrea Smith to add her own special touch to Villa Clea. She did this by fusing elements from fine art, design, and creative direction, creating a unique visual language with symbols and surrealism.

In order to share her personal artifacts, she arranged them in transparent cases so that guests could explore the residence. The artwork took viewers to a place where they could reflect and go on a personal journey, considering the meaning of the symbols, stories, and rituals held within the modern world. The gorgeous villa, Villa Clea, is depicted in the above image. Its beauty is sure to draw a large number of guests.

The exhibition’s second room featured a soundscape that echoed the artist’s steps across various settlements and cobblestone pathways, along with a medley of cultural references that honored the innumerable genetic links. The image of Villa Clea, an impressive example of contemporary architecture, is presented. When passing by the entrance, the last chamber was visible through the line of mirrored doors. Upon entering, it revealed the artist’s most private area containing their bed and various cherished items, such as notes, collected books, and a mattress.

As Smith puts it, “it is about discovering the common bond that ties us all together.” The atmosphere in her room was both familiar and strange, bringing to mind her own childhood as well as the childhoods of her predecessors and successors. The rise of technology has had a significant impact on how we work and live. Moreover, There is currently a noticeable shift towards the use of automated systems and digital tools that have made certain tasks much easier to complete. This has been beneficial for both businesses and individuals, as it has allowed them to save time and money while also increasing the efficiency of their operations.


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