Future-making electronic patches: ElectroDermis

ElectroDermis رقع إلكترونية

Wireless, flexible bandages take the place of more permanent implants and gadgets that corporations have been developing.

ElectroDermis is a fabrication method that makes it easier to produce wearable electronic patches that monitor the human body. Plus, it provides data while maintaining comfort, style, and functionality.

Morphing Matter Lab, a human-computer interface institute, and Soft Machines Lab, experts in integrating soft materials for human-compatible electronics, collaborated on ElectroDermis.

Moreover, this transient bodily decoration emphasizes impermanence. It provides the wearer with a complete health-fitness tracking computation, data storage, and even an interactive bandage.

Additionally, the bandages are tailored to certain sections of the body; taking into account the dynamic nature of the human body.

ElectroDermis patches by first creating the shape on Auto Cad, which you can then customize to fit a specific portion of the body, and then cutting the layers of the patch using these Cad files as a reference.

Electronic circuits with sensors, and extra layers to safeguard the circuit and offer temporary skin adherence, make up the layers.

Finally, heat fuses the layers to produce a single patch.

ElectroDermis bandages provide complete freedom to the wearer, with a range of interchangeable formats and colors that monitor anything from vital signs to joint movement.


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