Operation for new memories Heukseo

Operation for new memories Heukseo

Operation for new memories Heukseo

The first job of a young architect

In an alley in Eulji- ro in 2013, I started an office with a partner, who was a senior in school and a fellow graduate, with a dining table less than 500 x 1000 mm I bought and used in a 9-byeong space like Hyungshinsu in the center. Although there were no design fees, I was grateful to have a job I could pretend to be an architect. It was a time when the annotation process was more in response to the unreasonable demands of society than the design work itself, so it took up most of the work. This is how my first relationship with the community arose as an architect. Space at Heukseok is actually the first architectural work that director Choi Jae-seok completed after opening. There have been some previous rebuilding and other works, but it’s safe to say it’s the first new project and construction to require permission from the building. The building has a large road on the northwest side and an adjacent site on the northeast side, so there is an extreme change in sunlight in the center of the site. This young architect, who wanted to reflect this maximum as in the building, said that although it was a rented house, the views around it were good, so he created various terraces in the hope that even a small building would not limit the enjoyment from the tenants inside. In addition, because it is a type 1 public residential area, because the allowable floor area ratio is not high, the slope has been used to the maximum, and the lower floor space, which was underground but not like a basement, complements the low legal space ratio The floor area is standard above ground. The building permits process was the last. The permit holder refused the request for permission, fearing that the second floor, planned for living in the neighborhood, would be used for housing, etc. In the eyes of the permit holders, the various balcony spaces created in the architect’s sole and main design direction, who wanted to use the unconfined space on the interior, were analogous to the illegal use cases of many multiple and multiple families. -Family houses, having finished with aluminum panels or sandwich panels, it must have seemed an intention to turn it into an interior space using the back. The young architect wondered why the permit holder refused to allow this even though there was no legally impossible reason, and constantly made various efforts to carry out the design directive on behalf of the client. The architect is said to have received a landscaping review and excavation advice to obtain permission from this small building. It is said that there is no legal obligation to undergo an excavation audit because it is an underground space created by an existing building, but there was supplemental guidance that excavation advice should be obtained. The story behind how Jae Seok Choi, who got a building permit after hard work, went to the client and said, “Hug me,” was completely understandable. The building permit, which anyone could easily obtain by following a guide on a hassle-free route, was a once in a lifetime event for this young architect.

Operation for new memories Heukseo

Second job for a young client

The client said that Jae Seok Choi must have been very difficult. Then I asked him why he chose a young architect with no track record. The client said that when he first built a building opposite Heukseok, the venue, he had heard countless times from architects at the time saying no. The impossible reasons were so complex and skillful that the client could not respond and in the end built a house just like everyone else. However, Jae Seok Choi of Objectum Architects was different. It is said that even if a customer made a difficult request, he always answered that he would. As a brave architect who had not tested the conventional wisdom and inertia of this society, he would not have accepted the request. In the conversation with the architect, I felt his belief that he and his work would evolve through so many comments and requests. Rather, he says, the design competition, which did not respond to any plans, was the most difficult task. You may not yet be mature enough to get your own feedback on an issue. However, I can also read his will to find in his eyes something he did not yet know, saying that he does not have his own color but wants to find it.

.Operation for new memories Heukseo

Now memories

It is said that the question of the license holder as to whether the basements of Heukseok, a space, should be filled with something other than the house, was finally resolved by the client giving an hour-long economic lecture to the license holder. Psychology has then, “Why is this story, let’s say ‘because you’ve never done that before?'” ‘, a doemuleotda hanyago knows architects for specific business plans for clients. In a way, this seems like a smart answer. … But my opinion is different. …The architect of this land should be familiar with the client’s business plan. …The architect had to understand as well as the client how to operate a facility Living in this residential area and how it will affect the area Inform the permit holder. Because that’s what this community of architects want. An architect is someone who communicates with this community through architecture. If the other person doesn’t understand, it’s the mature architect to inform him before To recommend him to study. Gradually all architects will become mature members of society.
Oftentimes, architects are unhappy with society’s standards for judging their creativity. However, if the norm set by this community is a past memory, and if it is deeply etched throughout the body and serves as a rule, then we have to explain the changes based on that memory. In this way, we have to create new, slightly better memories for the community. So you have to guide them to set new rules and think better. The reason for this effort is that architects make architecture with community capital and build on demand In fact, architecture is not tested as a building, but can be made more mature by experience of the building process.

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